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Psoriasis is a chronic, painful skin condition that results in the frequent development of thick, scaly patches of skin. These areas, which are called plaques, form most often on the knees, elbows, scalp, and lower back. They often cause discomfort, due to itching, burning, or even a stinging sensation.

When a person develops psoriasis, he or she usually continues to live with the disorder for the remainder of their life. However, the board-certified dermatologists at NY Skin RX can help you gain control of psoriasis and manage the symptoms. Treatment depends on the specific type of psoriasis you have and could entail the use of medications ranging from Retinoid and corticosteroids to prescription-strength ointments and creams. Your Manhattan dermatologists also can treat psoriasis and its symptoms through a course of photodynamic therapy (PDT).

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