All I want for Christmas is a Six-Pack

all i want for christmas is a six packNew York City and Manhattan, NY

Just to be clear, we are talking about a six-pack of abs, not the cold pack in the fridge reserved for Monday night’s football game. Most of us have it ingrained in our heads that the best way to achieve toned abs is by doing countless sit-ups on the regular, and maintaining a healthy diet. But, thanks to technological breakthroughs, dermatologists on the Upper East Side, Drs. Debra Wattenberg and Ilyse Lefkowicz, offer a simple solution to getting that six-pack of abs without doing a single sit-up.

EMSCULPT® uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM®) to contract the targeted muscles. This FDA-cleared device can build, tone, and strengthen the abdominal muscles in a single session.

What makes EMSCULPT® different than basic crunches or sit-ups?

When you crunches or sit-ups, you are engaging 40-50% of your abdominal muscles, increasing your strength over time. But, with EMSCULPT®, it triggers 100% of the abdominal muscles 20,000 times in a single 30-minute session. When was the last time you were able to do 20,000 sit-ups or crunches in a single day, let alone 30-minutes? Just to put that into perspective for you, say that you do 50 crunches every day of the week. It would take you well over one year to complete 20,000! So, imagine crunching in over a year’s worth of sit-ups during your lunch break.

To achieve the best results, it is recommended that you undergo about four sessions over the span of two weeks. Living a healthy lifestyle that includes routine exercising and consuming a healthy diet will prolong your results. Some muscle tenderness is to be expected following an EMSCULPT® session, although it involves no downtime. This means that you can return to work or resume your regular activities as soon as you leave our office.

Who should consider EMSCULPT®?

This fat dissolving, muscle-building treatment is ideal for a number of individuals. If you are looking to jumpstart your exercise routine so that you can start seeing real results, fast, then EMSCULPT® may be right for you. Or if you remain dedicated to exercising yet are tired of not seeing the results that you’ve worked so hard to achieve, give EMSCULPT® a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast it works! EMSCULPT® also can be used to dissolve fat and tighten muscles of the arms, buttocks, and calves. EMSCULPT® has proven beneficial for women dealing with diastasis recti or separation of the abdominal muscles post-pregnancy. Achieving the toned body that you’ve always wanted may be easier, and quicker than you might think with EMSCULPT®.

EMSCULPT® in Manhattan

Check out before and after photos of the amazing result that can be achieved from EMSCULPT®. To learn more about this revolutionary technology or to make an appointment, contact NY Skin RX by calling (212) 288-3200. Schedule your first EMSCULPT® session today so that you can get that six-pack of abs by Christmas!

NY Skin RX is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and is one of New York City’s premier dermatology practices. Dr. Wattenberg and Dr. Lefkowicz are board-certified dermatologists that provide medical and cosmetic dermatology for your skincare and body contouring needs.

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