Age Spots

New York City and Manhattan, NY

Age spots, also called liver spots, appear on the skin as dark or brown patches that occur as a result of prolonged sun exposure. These spots may appear on the backs of the hands, face, shoulders, and arms. While they are typically harmless, and actually have nothing to do with the liver at all, patients may wish to have these spots removed for aesthetic reasons.

Lightening or removing age spots may include treatment such as prescription based bleaching creams, retinoid cream, or steroids, which can fade the spots over several months. Microdermabrasion, laser therapy, chemical peels, and other treatments may be used to remove or lighten age spots. To prevent age spots, it is advised that you cover your skin or wear sunscreen when outside, avoid exposure to the sun during the mid-morning to early afternoon when the sun’s rays are most harmful.

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