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Scars form when damage has been done beneath the top layer of your skin. As the skin heals, this new, thicker tissue often forms as a scar. Most scars are flat and have a wrinkled appearance. New scars appear pink or reddish but will turn lighter or darker than your natural skin tone as the scar ages. Some people grow an excess of new tissue and may have raised scars that develop from injuries that are called keloids.

You can minimize your risk of scarring by keeping wounds clean and having them stitched when necessary. Your board-certified dermatologist in Manhattan can provide treatments to reduce the prominence of scars. Patients usually seek treatment for scars if they are restricting movement, causing pain, or making you self-conscious about your appearance. In addition to using pressure therapy, silicone gel, and corticosteroid injections, NY Skin RX can treat scars through PRP microneedling or by conducting a Fraxel laser treatment to lighten the appearance of the scar.

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