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A rash can be classified as any area of irritated and swollen skin. A rash may be caused by an allergic reaction, exposure to poison ivy, as a side effect to certain medications, or so many other reasons. Many rashes are minor and will go away on their own, with any discomfort treatable through ointments and creams you can purchase over the counter.

You should see a dermatologist about your rash if you experience any of the following: your rash spreads rapidly, occurs all over your body, is accompanied by a fever, is starting to blister, or is causing your pain. Many of these symptoms could indicate an infection, but be aware of other evidence of an infected rash, such as yellow or green fluid leaking from it, swelling, crusting, or feeling warmth in the area of the rash. We can, however, treat your rash to speed up your recovery, and lessen your symptoms such as burning or itching.

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