We provide patients with a safe, non-invasive, and long-term solution to the removal of unwanted hair. Facial areas such as the upper lip and sideburns, bikini area, upper and lower legs, arms, chest, and back may be treated leaving skin smooth, stubble free and without the irritation of ingrown hairs. The laser works by targeting the specific pigment in the hair follicle, below the skin’s surface. The laser energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the hair follicle bulb leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Treatment work best on light-skinned, dark-haired individuals. Since hair cycles as it grows, repeated treatments are necessary to destroy about 80 percent of the hairs. Most patients require 4- 6 treatments but vary according to site. After each session, there will be some visible hair reduction and the hair that re-grows tends to be lighter and finer in texture. Before treatment, patients are to avoid tanning and sunless tanners. No plucking, waxing, or electrolysis should be done, although shaving or depilatory creams can be used. The site to be treated may be shaved one to two days prior to laser treatment. Darker hair responds best to the laser, while lighter hair (white, gray, or red) is less responsive. The laser pulses feel like the snapping of a rubber band or warm pinpricks against the skin. Slight swelling and redness around the hair follicles appear within a few minutes. Patients must avoid sun-exposure and use sunscreen after the laser treatments.